Dr. Emília Wanda Rutkowski
Avenida Albert Einstein 951, Campinas, SP 13083-852, Brazil
Phone: +55 19 3521-2372, Email: emilia< at >fec.unicamp.br

Research interests

My main interest is environmental engineering. My research has included environmental management, environmental sustainability network, municipal solid waste selective collection, regional and environmental policy, sanitary engineering, sanitation and waste management, strategic environmental planning and water resources planning.

Selected Publications
  1. Solid waste in Brazil - after all, what are they? (in Portuguese). Revista de Saude, Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade, Volume 8, Number 3, sep/2013.

  2. Attributes to characterize logistics platforms: case studies in Spain, Italy and Denmark (in Portuguese). Transportes, Volume 21, Number 1, apr/2013.

  3. Sustainable Logistics Platform In A Regional Brazilian Airport. International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, Volume 5, Issue 2, jun/2010.