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SASBE2012 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environments:
Emerging economies

SASBE2012 is the fourth in a global conferences series, being the previous editions organized in Australia (2003), China (2006) and The Netherlands (2009). At global level, organization is hosted by CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction) Work Commission 116, which shares the conference name. The Brazilian edition is a collaboration between UNICAMP, UFES and SindusCon-SP, chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vanessa Gomes (UNICAMP, CIB, iiSBE) and will be held between June 27th and 29th 2012, at the Brazilian British Centre (BBC), in São Paulo. A  technical tour is being planned for June 30th, according to availability and demand.

SASBE2012 takes on the batten from previous events and moves forward from sustainable development theories to professional practice with tangible outcomes, particularly in emerging economies contexts. In the past decade, strong efforts in developing countries have focused on leveling the playing field, on envisioning a more sustainable future, and on exploring management and innovation for sustainable building. SASBE2012 also takes in the challenge of helping to instrument such transition.

The official language for the conference is English. Simultaneous translation (English-Portuguese-English) will be provided for the plenary sessions only. A post-conference book will include invited contributions. The Smart and Sustainable Built Environment (SASBE) journal, to be published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited, will be launched during the conference. Revised versions of SASBE2012 best papers will be encouraged for publication in a special 2013 number of the SASBE Journal.

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Selected News

06.26.12 | SASBE2012 Book of abstracts is now available for download | Check it out here!

06.25.12 | Final detailed schedule | Final detailed schedule of  parallel sessions, as well as descriptions of proposed workshops and technical visit, are available here. The presentation template is available for download here. There is no poster template (A0, portrait).

06.19.12 | Bio and book launch of SASBE2012 keynote speaker Carlos Leite | Learn more about Carlos Leite, who will provide a Brazilian perspective on urban sustainability at SASBE2012! In his speech, Prof. Leite will approach some of the concepts detailed in his book Sustainable cities, Smart cities, recently launched in Portuguese. Read the book release here!

06.19.15 | Official language and presentations| As a reminder: The official language for the conference is English. Simultaneous translation (English-Portuguese-English) will be provided for the plenary sessions only. All presentations in parallel sessions will be delivered in English, and powerpoint presentations and posters should be prepared accordingly. 

06.06.14 | Special issue of the SASBE Journal announced | Selected papers of SASBE2012 will be encouraged for update and publication in a special edition of the SASBE Journal to be released in 2013, co-edited by Jay Yang, Vanessa Gomes and Maristela G. Silva!

03.27.12 | Best paper award sponsored by SASBE journal | To celebrate its launch at SASBE2012, a best paper award will be offered by Emerald Group Publishing Limited's SASBE Journal. The award is composed by a £100 cash prize, a framed certificate, indication for publication - subject to peer review- in SASBE Journal and a free subscription to the Journal for one year!

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